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Roman Polanski

             Roman Polanski, born Roman Liebling, was born August 18, 1933 in Paris. He was the son of Jewish-Polish parents, who returned to Poland in 1937, because of the antisemitism rising going on France. At the start of World War II Roman and his parents were sent to the concentration camp in Auschwitz Before Roman's family was to be sent to the camp Roman's father was able to help his son escape. He survived by wandering the countryside of Poland living with various Catholic families. It was during this time that young Roman found an interest in the cinema. The cinema gave Roman the protection that he was missing on the outside world. Unfortunately for Roman his mother died shortly after entering Auschwitz. .
             In 1945 at the end of the war Roman was reunited with his father, where he learned about the death of his mother. Shortly after coming home Roman's father remarried. Angry at his father Roman left home. During this short time away from home Roam was able to pursue his love of films. Two films in particular really influenced him, Hamlet, and Odd Man Out. After a near fatal incident that almost took his life in 1949, Roman's father decided to enroll his son at a technical school. Roman had other plans in mind, and in 1950 he left technical school to enroll in film school where he made his acting debut in 1954 in a film by Andrzej Wajda entitled Pokolenie. .
             The same year which he made his acting debut Roman was one of six people who was accepted at Lodz's state film school. Roman made his first student film in 1957, entitled "Rozbijemy Zabame *. This film was about a group of thugs who were paid to destroy a school party. This was based on a true vent in Roman's life, which almost got him expelled from school. Roman's next film was entitled "Dwaj Ludzie z Szafa*, proved to be one of Roman's most famous short films. This film won Roman five international awards.

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