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Chinatown - Directed by Roman Polanski

             The Chinatown is a film that was directed by Roman Polanski and released in 1974 in America. This screenplay was written by Robert Towne, and it stars both Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson. The film was based on water dispute events in Southern California that occurred at the start of 20th century. In this paper, I will assert that the evils of corruption can render common people helpless as portrayed in the film Chinatown. .
             Evils of Corruption and Helplessness.
             Corruption is the primary theme of the movie Chinatown. The movie is consistent with the American dream where common people can migrate into a wilderness and make the land valuable. Hollis Mulwray is keen on making Los Angeles a growing metropolis through the availability of water. Due to corruption Cross kills Hollis when he does not support his idea of constructing a new reservoir. Hollis refuses to adopt the idea because it is not meant to benefit the common people in the area but irrigate lands owned by few tycoons. Cross thus corrupts the American dream because he makes struggling farmers to suffer as he diverts the water from them. Water is the most valuable resources for farmers and if they are denied the water they will not have their daily bread. According to Polanski, even if common people try to avoid and overcome corruption they will remain vulnerable to its evils. Corruption thus renders them helpless. Farmers cannot do anything in Chinatown to ensure they have water as it is under the control of rich men. Hollis tries to cut his connection to Cross, but he is killed. Jake, who is another common man, loses his woman to evil forces despite his efforts.
             The historical context of Chinatown film is based on what transpired in Los Angeles in 1900. In 1904, the Los Angeles city officials were corrupt. The city mayor and top officials in the water department grabbed land near the Owen River and diverted water to San Fernando Valley: where their friends had invested.

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