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The Socialization Of Literature

            What do you see as the social function of literature? Your discussion should address ideas presented in this course (and other sources as you prefer) and the essay should include attention to at least two set texts.
             The social function of literature takes on many forms. Literatures main function is to inform, arrange words into a meaningful format, yet the social function has far greater implications. Mythology can be defined as the study and interpretation of myth and the body of myths of a particular culture. Myth is an extremely complex cultural phenomenon that portrays the symbolic language and fundamental elements and hypothesis of a culture. The social function of mythology therefore is relative to many periods in history.
             The study of mythology, as previously intimated is complex as it is interdisciplinary, encompassing both religious and philosophical beliefs: "A serviceable image of the physical environment and daily life of a society remote in time and place may be conjured up by an agile and well-furnished mind, but it is very much harder to apprehend its religious beliefs. Whatever the degree of our attachment to our own traditions, it is almost impossible for us to step out of their framework and strip familiar connotations from words like god, soul, sin, piety" .
             Mythologies also undergo a metamorphosis during the translation process, altering perceptions. One such myth that has undergone this change is that of King Oedipus, the youth who had slain his father and married to his mother. This particular myth explores much social anathema that still has repercussions today. .
             Oedipus itself is an interesting study of mythology. Celtic, Greek and other forms of mythology focus on the supernatural and spiritual divinity, whereas Oedipus focuses on the king and his human frailties.
             Divine intervention, although present, is in more of a referral capacity, similar to Cassandra. There are many similarities with Cassandra and Oedipus as both texts questioned and challenged certainties.

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