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Great Macbeth essay

             Throughout the movie Macbeth, Originally written by the great William Shakespeare, Macbeth changes from an innocent curious man to an aggressive evil ruler. Roman Polanski, the director shows this by using a number of film techniques such as dialogue, music, special effects, lighting, colour and camera angle.
             In the beginning of the movie Macbeth, Macbeth comes across as an innocent follower of King Duncan. Polanski shows this by using the framing to show all the actors involved in the scene, he doesn't just focus on Macbeth. Macbeth was wearing brighter colours which changed as Macbeth changes throughout the movie.
             In the scene leading up to the three witches Polanski starts to show something is going to happen. Special effects are used such as rain and fog. The colours of the movie turn to grey and eerie music comes into action. The witches themselves come across as mysterious. When Macbeth talks to the three witches the rain stops and the sun comes out.
             After Macbeth's encounter with the witches you see him change, he has a soliloquy where he talks about the witch's prophecy and if they will come true. This is where Macbeth shows his curious side. In the framing Macbeth's face takes up the whole picture, this really focuses on what Macbeth is feeling.
             When Macbeths decides to kill King Duncan he shows guilt. Special effects are used and high-tension music takes affect. A dagger floats in the air in front of him, guiding him to king Duncan, this is showing early signs of craziness. This is when Macbeth's clothes start to change colour, Macbeth is changing.
             After Macbeth kills King Duncan his face is shadowed, he is shadowed in guilt. Through the movie the guilt gets worse, he has more hallucinations about people he has killed. The music in the movie is becoming intense and Macbeth's dialogue is becoming dark and evil.
             When Macbeth is crowned king he shows less fear and more determination, low camera angles are used to show power.

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