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Macbeth Essay

             "This supernatural soliciting cannot be ill, cannot be good-. This was said by Macbeth, meaning that the supernatural seduction is not a wise way to lead a life. The Shakespearean tragedy, Macbeth, examines the nature and effects of evil. Shakespeare uses many aspects of evil to draw the crowd into the play. For example, he used the supernatural element to create visuals in the readers mind. He also showed evil through the characters personalities, as well as their actions, and the results of their actions. .
             The actions of some of the characters in Macbeth caused quite the uproar. The first example of the murders Macbeth committed were perfect examples of the evil that can lie within a person. Duncan's brutal murder was committed out of envy, and greed on Macbeth's part. His last minute unsureness leads you to believe he may not follow through with his plans, until he sees the bloody dagger, which leads him toward Duncan's chamber. This is where he commits his first of many brutal murders. Macbeth believes that the bloody dagger is a sign urging him to commit the murder. Banquo's murder wasn't committed by Macbeth himself, but by the men that he hired. Machete decided that "To be thus is nothing But to be safely thus. Our fears in Banquo Stick deep, and in his royalty of nature- (Act 3, scene 1, line 52-54) His actions come back to haunt him when Banquo's ghost ends up at the dinner Macbeth is holding, with the "twenty trenched gashes- in his forehead. In this case, the result of evil, ended up back firing on Macbeth, because once he killed Banquo, his son, Fleance, fled, and wanted to seek revenge on the person who was responsible for his fathers' murder. The second murder also made it worse for Macbeth, because it drove him closer to insanity. One of Macbeth's last acts of evil was the murder of Lady MacDuff and her children. Macbeth's first desire was to kill MacDuff, but when that came impossible because of location, he chose the next best thing, his family.

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