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            Macbeth Essay: Many Feel Lady Macbeth is to Blame for Macbeth's Failure, Agree or Disagree?.
             Lady Macbeth was not to blame for Macbeth's failure in this tragedy because it was Macbeth's ambition which leaded him to his downfall instead of Lady Macbeth's persuasion, nobody could force anyone to do anything which he didnt want to unless Macbeth himself really wanted to do so and also, Lady Macbeth felt guilty and regretted at the end to show her human kindness, but Macbeth didnt. .
             At the beginning of the story we learned that Macbeth was a very superstition person who believed in the prophecies of the evil witches. He was also a person full of ambition who wanted to take over the kingship of King Duncan. Those two characteristics were the main concern of his failure. Lady Macbeth had never met or known anything about the witches because Macbeth had never mentioned it before. So Lady Macbeth was not involved in Macbeth's "evil plan". Before we had met Lady Macbeth in the play, we had already known that Macbeth had the thinking of taking over the kingship from Duncan. This showed that to murder Duncan was not suggested by Lady Macbeth but, instead, Macbeth was the one who came up with this idea first. Later on, Macbeth decided to kill Banquo as well as Macduff's family. Lady Macbeth never known that Macbeth had became such a ruthless person. She didnt persuade Macbeth to do these murders so we couldnt blame on her. .
             On the other hand, I believed that nobody could force anyone to do something unless the person himself really wanted to do so. Even through Lady Macbeth had persuaded Macbeth to kill Duncan but she never do anything to force him. She only accused Macbeth of his inconstancy, cowardice and unmanliness. It was Macbeth who couldnt stand the accusation and decided to do something wrong. Macbeth's lack of loyalty and patriotism was the main causes of his murder to Duncan.

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