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The Pianist

            The Pianist is a film that follows the life of Wladyslaw Szilman a Jewish pianist during World War II. The movie is directed by Roman Polanski who won an Oscar for best director. Wladyslaw Szilman is played by Adrien Brody also received an Oscar, for best actor. Everything from the acting, the special effects and the storyline make it a must see on everyone's list.
             Adrien Brody does a wonderful job in the part of Wladyslaw Szilman. Wladyslaw Szilman is a Polish Jew that is said to be the best pianist in all of Poland. Adrien does a superb job playing the part of a Jew during World War II. When Wladyslaw Szilman is sad you are sad, when he is happy you are happy and when he is hungry you feel hungry. The acting of the Germans is also well done, showing the audience how many people were afraid of them.
             The special effects in this movie are absolutely marvelous, from the computer generated graphics to the replication of the buildings during World War II. The most powerful scene in the movie would have to be when Wladyslaw Szilman climbs over a wall after leaving the Nazi hospital. This is so powerful because it shows an entire city in ruins. The effect with the camera is also well done, one such scene shows Wladyslaw Szilman playing the piano while outside the window the city lays in total destruction.
             The Pianist is based on a the book that Wladyslaw Szilman wrote about his experience in the ghetto and World War II. The story is absolutely amazing, the way it tells of a man that wants to and does survives the war. The film is so powerful not because all the events real but because the story of the Wladyslaw Szilman is true. The way the film only fallows Wladyslaw Szilman and not other characters makes the film more enjoyable. This is because you do not need to fallow many different stores.
             The Pianist is a wonderful film that gives everyone a perspective of the hard times the Jews went through during World War II.

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