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Movie Summary - The Pianist

            The holocaust during the early 1940's caused much destruction. The film The Pianist is a historically based film that captivates the audience with its intense, riveting scenes. The film outlines Hitler's policies against the Jewish race during the holocaust. It focuses on one particular Jewish family the period in which Hitler invades and occupies the Polish community of Warsaw. Throughout the film, it is evident that the bourgeoisie maintain control against the proletariat by destroying the Polish community, taking away their rights, enslaving the Jews .
             Germany defeats Poland and now the German troops enter the city of Warsaw and begin to invade Warsaw, the Polish community. Wladsylaw Szpilman, a Jewish pianist who performs live for the radio station when a bombs drops. After the horrific bomb that drops, Szpilman heads home to where his sister Halina Szpilman, brings over a newspaper that states, "By the order of the Governor of Warsaw. Dr. Fischer, concerning the establishment of the Jewish District in Warsaw. There will be created a Jewish District in which all Jews living in Warsaw will have to reside by October 31st, 2014." This horrendous newspaper expresses that the Jews will have to move to the Warsaw Ghettos. The Germans maintain control by constraining the Jews to leave otherwise they will execute them. Eventually, Warsaw gradually begins to demolish. "Bombs going off." The sound effects throughout the film indicate the destruction of the Polish Warsaw community that starts to begin. The Germans commence to start by demolishing their homes and buildings around them. In addition, they also have power to split up their families. Therefore, the bourgeoisie, the Germans have complete control against the Jews, the proletariat.
             One cannot survive with their right being taken away, it is difficult. In The Pianist, the Jew's rights are taken away from them by the Germans.

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