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Summary of Rear Window

            In the movie Rear Window that is a classic is also one of the premier thriller movies of all time. In this essay I will show the four ways this movie happens to display why it is a thriller. The movie portrays many different types of aspects that show that it is a thriller. The best way the movie Rear Window helps to display why it's a thriller is the constant action of the film. The film helps to display this so at no point during the movie is there a dull moment regardless of the topic at hand. There are different story lines going on at once and they all have your attention. You are always questioning yourself to what the point of the film is going to be. You ask yourself if there is something you are missing that is happening in one of the other apartments. Maybe the main story in the film is being missed such as the dancer with her boyfriends, the pianist, the newlyweds, the women with her dog, or the lonely women. Anyone of these windows could be the main story that is being missed. .
             From the beginning of the film you are pulled into the story of Jeff and why he is in a wheelchair. This later becomes secondary to the film as you realize that something strange might be going on across the courtyard. This is the major aspect of the film and it keeps going until the cop explains that there is an honest explanation for what has happened. Then once you think the movie doesn't have much to go on and the blinds are shut to the window you hear the scream of the neighbor because of the dead dog. This is the rise of the action again in the movie because it peaks the interest of Jeff that maybe there is something to the evidence that he had. There is never a dull moment in the movie to allow the action or suspense to lose the attention of the viewer.
             The character of Jeff is an interesting one as the hero of the film. That Jeff is a outgoing photographer that takes risks to get his job done and the ironic aspect of the story is that he is complaining about being stuck in his apartment with nothing interesting happening.

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