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Summary of othello

             The play opens late at night on a street in Venice.
             wealthy Venetian gentleman, is discussing the marriage of .
             Desdemona, the daughter of Brabantio. Earlier in the evening, .
             she had eloped with Othello, a Moor who is a respected General .
             in the Venetian army. Roderigo is angry with Iago, for he has .
             paid him a handsome sum to win the love of Desdemona for .
             himself and to keep him informed of her love life. .
             Iago, like Roderigo, is a frustrated man. Othello has overlooked .
             him for a promotion, giving the post of lieutenant to Cassio. Iago .
             continues only as Othello's standard bearer and an ensign in the .
             navy. As a result, he has a grudge against both Othello and .
             Cassio and vows to have revenge upon both of them. .
             At Iago's suggestion, he and Roderigo go to wake up Brabantio .
             and tell him about the elopement of his daughter. Iago is very .
             bawdy in his descriptions. The old Venetian Senator is very .
             angry that his sleep has been disturbed with such news, but he .
             searches his house and finds that his daughter is missing. .
             Coming downstairs, Brabantio is a mess, not thinking clearly and .
             speaking in half-sentences. He bemoans the fact that he did not .
             encourage Roderigo as his daughter's suitor. He also demands to .
             know where he can find Othello. .
             Iago quietly slips away from the scene. He does not want Othello .
             to know anything about the part he played in inciting Brabantio; .
             to make his plans work, Iago must stay in the good graces of .
             Othello and appear to be a loyal ensign. Before leaving, he tells .
             Roderigo that Othello and Desdemona are staying at the .
             Sagittary Inn. Roderigo offers to take Brabantio there. .
             Act I, Scene 2 .
             In this second scene, Iago reveals his scheming and treachery, as .
             he applies it to the unsuspecting Othello. He reaches the .
             Sagittary Inn before Roderigo and Brabantio. Pretending to be .
             Othello's loyal friend and follower, Iago tells him that Roderigo .
             has spoken in an insulting manner about him.

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