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Othello - The Tragic Hero

            All throughout reading Shakespeare's Othello, I came to realization about the main character himself. By that, I couldn't help but distinguish the type of character Othello was. I consider him as a "tragic" hero for a number of reasons.  It was very evident as to why I make this claim. As he also happens to fit all of the criteria of a tragic hero. All from a list that was compiled by the great Aristotle, one that was implemented throughout the course of his works as well. What exactly contributes to Othello's tragic heroism? He was depicted as having a "noble" stature, along with a high position of authority within his culture. Since he was a General/Commander of the armed forces within Venice, Italy; later on, he was promoted to Governor. Othello was also great, but was somewhat far from perfect. Which in turn, distinguishes a "fatal" flaw of his, which was his lack of self esteem; moreover, leading to his downfall. In summary, I consider Othello as a tragic hero because he was also very self centered and interested, along with him being gullible on top of all that. It became clear when he allowed himself to be manipulated by the villainous Iago into believing that his wife (Desdamona) was having an affair, instead of trusting his heart. .
             First of all, the entire story, or theme was a tragedy in itself. What makes the story a tragedy? The fact that it is defined as a literacy, or work in which the main character(s) are decimated into shear ruins. Where they suffer extreme sorrow, where the root of his/her downfall almost always stems from a crucial flaw of theirs. The tragic flaw in which they possess, often happens to be imbedded within them from the very start; at times, when they are even born as well. This usually occurs towards characters who are noble, hold a high position of authority or stature, and have a critical character flaw that spearheads their impending downfall throughout the course of the story.

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