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            Othello is a tragic hero in this drama.
             Consequently, Othello has many weaknesses.
             In order to truly understand the character of Othello, one must understand .
             him as a tragic hero with both greatness and weakness. .
             A tragic hero is the main character in a play that takes a downfall or is .
             ruined during the play. Undoubtedly, Othello is ruined during the course of .
             this Shakespearean drama. In the beginning of the play his life is in order, as .
             he was married to the beautiful Desdemona, the younger daughter of a well .
             respected Senator, Brabantio. However, Othello was a Moor, and their .
             marriage was frowned upon. Iago had an evil plot to bring Othello down, .
             because he was in love with Desdemona when the Moor stole her heart. .
             Iago causes Othello to turn against his wife, and have jealous rages that .
             caused her much despair and grief. This is concurrent with the persona of a .
             tragic hero. In the end, Iago brings Othello down just as he planned. The .
             reader must realize that without his downfall, Othello couldn't be considered .
             tragic, henceforth there would be no moral one could take from the play. .
             Othello is very characteristic of a tragic hero. .
             Othello is also a man that shows much greatness throughout the .
             drama. Throughout his adult life he has been acclaimed for his many .
             conquests throughout the land. He shows greatness through his love for .
             Desdemona. For instance, "But that I love the gentle Desdemona, I would .
             not my unhoused free condition put into circumscription and confine for the .
             seas" worth," Othello said when referring to his affection and true feelings .
             for Desdemona. Othello was very remarkable when discussing his love for .
             Desdemona. .
             Throughout the play Othello, its main character shows much .
             weakness. Much of this weakness channels from Iago, the villain of the .
             script. Othello himself addresses his own frailty when he describes himself .
             as "an honorable murderer"; as "one that loved not wisely but too well.

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