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Othello Act III To Act V Summary

             Cassio sends musicians to Othello to get back on his good side. Othello seems annoyed by this and sends a servant down to quiet them. Cassio asks the servant or clown to plead Emilia to come speak with him, so that he can ask her to get to Desdemona. When the servant leaves Iago comes in and talks with Cassio. He says he will get Emila and figure a way to get Othello away for a while so that Cassio and Desdemona can talk. When Iago leaves, Emilia comes in saying to Cassio that Othello and Desdemona are talking over the ordeal over Cassio. Desdemona pleaded on the side of Cassio but Othello thinks Montano's position would prove Cassio reappointment impractical even though Othello cares for the lieutenant.
             Act III Scene II.
             Iago, Othello and a man walk together at the citadel, or castle. Othello gives Iago some letters to deliver and wants to look at the town's defense. .
             Act III Scene III.
             Desdemona promised to do everything she can on Cassio's behalf when Othello and Iago enter. Othello asks whether it was Cassio he saw leaving the room, and Iago responds that surely Cassio would not behave like a guilty man at Othello's approach. Desdemona wants Othello to forgive Cassio and give his position back as lieutenant. Othello assures her that he will speak to Cassio, but he answers evasively when she tries to set a meeting time. She scrutinizes Othello for acting in such a manner. Othello wants to be left alone for a while. Alone with Othello, Iago begins his implication of an affair between Cassio and Desdemona by reminding Othello that Cassio served as Othello and Desdemona's go-between during their courtship. Othello asks Iago whether he believes Cassio to be honest. Iago plants in Othello's mind thoughts of adultery, cuckoldry, and hypocrisy, until Othello screams at the point to speak his mind. Iago suggests that Othello observe his wife closely whe!.
             n she is with Cassio. By himself, Othello thinks that his wife no longer loves him, probably because he is too old for her, because he is black, and because he doesn't have the manners of a courtier.

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