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the horrific stories

             The life of a Jew through the Holocaust was very harsh whether you were or weren't in a death camp. Through reading the book "Night" and watching the movie "The Pianist" I would say that they are very compatible together. The main point of the two sources of information about the holocaust is very much the same because they both show the horror of the Nazi's cruelty. The novel and the movie are different in some ways, because they go through the Holocaust in different ways.
             The novel and the movie are very compatible because they both tell someone's story about their survival through the holocaust. Through reading the story "Night" and watching the movie "The Pianist" you understand the physical pain that Elie Wiesel ("Night") and Wladyslaw Szpilman ("The Pianist") had to go through, and the mental agony they went through to survive. In the novel "Night" a quote says "The police were striking out with their truncheons. " Faster!" I hade no strength left. The journey had only just begun, and I felt so weak "Faster! Faster! Get on with you, lazy swine!" yelled the Hungarian police." While Elie was going through the death camps with his father, Wladyslaw was surviving alone hiding from everyone while his family was suffering in .
             the death camps. I think these two stories fix together because they show what's happening outside and inside the death camps. Their suitable for each other in the sense .
             that they both get the point across that something very terrible happened in the world and that it shouldn't be forgotten. These accounts show how evil human kind can be.
             Through viewing the film of the death camps it shows how bad the human race can be when put in the wrong hands. The movie, film clip and the novel all print the same picture in my head of the cruelty of man vs. man. They display the indifference towards the lifeless bodies that the soldiers showed and how they just kill whom ever they .

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