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Short Story - The Graduate Campout

            ´╗┐Graduation was two weeks away and for the majority of the students it was hard to stay focused on school work. The amount of emotions flowing in the students' bodies was unreal, almost so powerful to take over their bodies. Outside there was the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of birds chirping and you could see the swing on the rusty old play structure outside of the abandoned children's wing at the infirmary swaying. This play structure has been closed down for almost two years, after a student was found dead hanging from the monkey bars.
             At the Academy, there is a ritual that the graduating class has to spend at least two nights at the old infirmary. Rumour has it that the young man with the dreads who worked there, severely murdered three children that went missing over the course of the last four years. I overheard the janitor at the Academy later mention that he found a death note, with multiple names including the dead children and my brother's name, in a professor's desk.
             The old Infirmary is somewhere that nobody wants to be, especially at night. The graduated students say that if you go there at night you will witness things that you will never be able to forget. One common incident that people have dared to speak about is the young girl and her doll. People say that she stabbed out her doll's eyes so it can't see what she has done to people or still is doing. I once saw this young girl sitting down a dark hallway in the abandoned infirmary humming and rocking herself with one of the dolls in her hand. After that time, I never saw her again.
             A few members of the graduating class, including myself, were set to spend the night at the abandoned infirmary. It was around 930 p.m. and the sun was just starting to set. Everyone was just starting to arrive when heard that the girls were scared to stay the night. A couple of the boys were playing pranks on the girls by running up behind them and scaring them to make them scream.

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