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Macbeth, the movie vs. the play

             The story of Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare was a tragedy set in Scotland in the 1600's. The story revolves around, Macbeth, who struggles with his crazy drive and uncontrolled ambition, causes him to loose all of his family and friends, and eventually killed him. His ambition to be king and to have power drove him to kill anyone that stood in his way. The consequence of Macbeth's action was eventually his downfall. In my opinion the play was a far better version of Macbeth. The play was more detailed and concise, the movie had a lot more blood and gore, and the added scenes made it hard to follow. .
             The added scenes in Roman Polanski's version of Macbeth made it very hard to follow. The play was hard enough to understand as it is, but the added scenes made it more confusing. Like when the porter stopped to use the bathroom before answering the door. Roman Polanski's objective there might have been comic relief. The mood of the story was very dark and dismal because of the death of King Duncan. When the viewers saw the porter do that, it made them laugh, and in turn it lightened the mood. Another example of added scenes is in the beginning of the play when the three witches buried the severed and bloody hand. The witches were foreshadowing the disaster and tragedy to come later in the story. .
             The play was very violent, especially when all the killings took place. But it was nothing compared to violence, blood, and gore in Roman Polanski's version of Macbeth. .

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