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Macbeth Essay

            Comparing Shakespeare's Macbeth with Polanski.
             In Polanski in a form of a movie released one of William Shakespeare's well-known plays Macbeth. Some scenes were altered or removed, but they were only changed to make the transition from the book to a full-length movie successful. Polanski movie version of William Shakespeare's Macbeth is a good adaptation of the text, the characters are displayed with precision and the supernatural activities are showed in detail. The movie Macbeth, directed by Polanski is a good adaptation of the play because the settings are shown very well.
             Shakespeare described the battle between Macbeth and Young Seward in Act 5 scene 7, but the reader had to create their own images, Polanski on the other hand, left nothing to the imagination and presented the sword fight in his movie. Watching the movie helps us understand several scenes and allows us to picture the actions and what the scene looks like. For example, the witch's layer in the movie is always foggy and dull which allows the reader to sense evil. When reading the book, the readers can"t actually feel the essence of the settings, whereas in a movie they are clearer. For example, in Act 2, scene 2, when Lady Macbeth is waiting for her husband to return from committing the first murder, the setting of the night and its creatures doesn"t grab the reader's attention as much as in the movie. The movie makes it easier through sounds and lighting. The audience can feel the evil that is present within the setting.
             The characters are displayed accurately in the movie version of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. A good depiction of a character helps make the story more interesting to the reader. It helps the reader to understand it and helps them in their understanding of the play. For example in Act 2 scene 2 in the book, when Macbeth kills King Duncan his true brutal nature is not really out rightly shown. Where in the movie, his mean and cruel actions are clearly displayed as he commits the evil deed.

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