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Hellenic Contribution

             Today the modern civilization only exists because of the major accomplishments of Greek or Hellenic people who lived approximately between 1150 B.C.E and 420 B.C.E. They introduced us to politics, democracy, philosophy, metaphysics, literature, architecture, history, entertainment and tragedy. All these terms opened the door to think farther which resulted to enrich human existence with uniqueness. With all these thoughts, Greek people truly proved that humanity is the most valuable creation in this world. There were other civilizations before Greek, however no such civilization contributed as much as Greek civilization did. I always try to find a good relationship between various civilizations and today's world. The ancient Greeks had a huge impact on western civilization. They have made major contributions to the world. To this day we see many of their practices still in us. Many countries are being governed by the idea of democracy, which started in ancient Greece. Modern day militaries use ancient Greek strategies. The government of ancient Greece was very complex and it set the stage for the way many of today's countries govern. It began when Greece was divided into city states. And each had their own laws and army like we do today. Later, a different system of government was introduced in Athens, and this was called democracy. Other city states soon followed Athens' idea of governing the state in a more peaceful way. In ancient Greece by the 800 BCE, the city-state formed. The city-state was referred to as a polis. Most citizens of a city-state followed the same customs and religious practices and spoke the same Greek dialect. A city-state gave its members a sense of belonging because they were like one large family. Some city-states began to move toward democracy. All citizens were granted the right to vote on government policies hold political office and serve on a jury. Many poor citizens could not afford the time to participate in democratic government.

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