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The Age Of Renaissance

            The age of Renaissance is the only reason we stand here today.
             fathers would have never discovered, explored, or given birth to our very own .
             nation if it wasn't for the brilliant minds of a few essential people in our history. .
             Not only did their actions lead them to discovery, but they have provided us with .
             years and years of admiration of wonderful artwork, sculptures, and marvelous .
             "In order for Western Civilization to recover from the great decline, crisis .
             and near collapse during the middle ages, it had to re-affirm its parentage in .
             Hellenic Civilization during the era of Renaissance: politically, economicaly, .
             religiously, socially, intellectually, artistically and militarily" The renaissance was .
             all about learning, expanding, and building cities. Along with building cities and .
             expanding society, people were expanding culture to a whole new level. Books .
             were one of the biggest things of everyday life. Homer and Shakespear became .
             widely known across Europe. People were also creating new forms of clothing, .
             buildings, and all sorts of crafts. A certain standard was starting to be set. .
             Banking for instance, was a new thing that everyone liked and did because it .
             was another way to help the church and provide funds for the Popes. .
             Michaelangello, Leonardo, Donentello, and Rapheal were a few of the great .
             artists of the era. Many of there works are still around today. Painting of the .
             chapels, though expensive, were done by great artists. They even invented .
             architectures that changed the way building was done as well as created whole .
             new meaning for great structures. The Parthenan was and still is today the .
             perfect structure. Its clear to see that artwork was a great contribution to the .
             Italian Renaissance. These artists were definatly Renaissance men as well as .
             Spreaders, meaning they share there knowledge across cultural borders. They .
             can also be considered inventors and creators as well because they inspire a .

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