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The Social Influences Of The Renaissance

            Social Influences of The Renaissance .
             Art and its influences of the Renaissance.
             What the art expressed about Renaissance life.
             B. Sculpture and Painting.
             C. Literary .
             D. Music.
             VI. Conclusion.
             Coogle 1.
             Social Factors that influenced the Renaissance.
             The Renaissance was a cultural movement that began in the early 1300s and ended in about 1600. The movement started out in Italy and spread to England, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries. The Renaissance overlapped a period in European history called the Middle Ages. The word Renaissance itself comes from the Latin word rinacere and refers to being reborn. The term has been applied metaphorically to a wide variety of phenomena ranging from an experience in the life history of an individual to the characterization of the culture of an entire epoch (Gilmore 379). .
             During the Renaissance many European scholars and artists studied the art and way of learning of Ancient Greece and Rome. They wanted to recapture the essence and spirit of the Greek and Roman cultures in their own artistic, literary, and philosophic works. The Renaissance represented a rebirth of these cultures and is also known as the revival of antiquity (learning).
             Humanism was a significant intellectual movement of the Renaissance. It blended concern for the history and actions of human beings with religious concerns. The humanists were scholars and artists who studied subjects that they believed would help them understand the problems of humanity. These subjects were literature and philosophy. The humanists agreed with the view of that the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome had excelled in these subjects and could serve as models for them. .
             Coogle 2.
             They believed that people should understand and appreciate classical learning to learn how to conduct themselves and their lives. The humanists wanted to understand the customs, laws, and ideas of ancient Greece, however they used a different language from the Italian humanists and the Romans used a form of Latin far different from that used in the 1300s and 1400s.

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