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Alexander the Great

            1) Stoneman, Richard is a reliable man he has written few books such as, Artists Discover Greece, Alexander The Great, Zenobia's Revolt Against Rome among others. In addition, he has some work in progress according to Contemporary Authors Encyclopedia. He went to New College, Oxford, B.A 1973; attended University of Cologne, 1976; Christ Church, Oxford B. Literature on 1977.
             2) The Basic themes are the importance of the Alexander's conquest in today days and his development in the Hellenic age. All the influence and literature, science, art among others occurred in this time pleased to his personality. He was a great conquistador and believed in himself was part of his success.
             3) He shows some information, but as we know is not enough information about this time. " The discussion was brought much further on one occasion by Anaxarchus, who proposed that . Page 59".
             There was no doubt that when Alexander had departed from among them they would honor him as a god; how much more just, then, that they should give him his due in life rather than when he was dead and honour would profit from nothing. (Arr. Anab. 4.10.7).
             4) The author presents the good and the bad aspect about Alexander The Great such as "there were others who might be expected to take advantage of Philip's death to make a bid for the throne. So he eliminates possible rivals, page 19.".
             " Recognising that the crusade against Persia with a generous bounty of one talent in addition to their pay." Page 49.
             5) He interprets the material as correspond in the past, but in some cases he did in present to show reality.
             IV. Personal Opinion.
             1) I consider this book really book, it is very interested made me hunger of knowledge. When I started to read the book look good to me as I progress in my reading look more and more interesting. I wanted to know everything about Alexander The Great.

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