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Alexander The Great

             I"m very fascinated and interested by the most powerful and famous characters ever known by the history. I have chosen Alexander The Great, because I have great admiration of his great accomplishments, and also because he symbolizes the strong side of mankind character, courage and bravery.
             Alexandros III Philippou Makedonon (Alexander the Great, Alexander III of Macedon) (356-323 B.C.), King of Macedonia, was born in late July 356 BC in Pella, Macedonia; he was one of the greatest military geniuses in history. He conquered much of what was then the civilized world, driven by his divine ambition of the world conquest and the creation of a universal world monarchy. Alexander inherited from his father King Philip the best military formation of the time. He was the first great conqueror who reached Greece, Egypt, Asia Minor, and Asia up to western India. He is famous for having created the ethnic fusion of the Macedonians and the Persians. From victory to victory, from triumph to triumph, Alexander created an empire, which brought him eternal glory. He brought Greek ideas, culture and life style to the countries, which he conquered, and assured expansion and domination of Hellenistic Culture, which, together with Roman Civilization and Christianity, constitutes the foundation of what is now called Western Civilization. Following with the consequences of his death and the reasons for the crumbling of political unity in his empire will be examined. .
             Alexander the Great, a patient and often devious man; had never struck without careful planning. The youthful, headstrong Alexander liked to settle problems by immediate action. Making decisions with great speed, he took extraordinary risks; his success was achieved by the amount of absolute force and drive to overcome these risks. Alexander was educated as a student by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Within a year of his accession, Alexander extended his dominions northward toward the Danube River and westward towards the Adriatic Sea.

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