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Three Great Philosophers of Ancient Greece

            During the Hellenic and Hellenistic periods, the ancient Greeks were hard at work, making long-lasting contributions to art, poetry, drama, sports, mathematics, science and philosophy. The Hellenic period, also called the "classical period, lasted from 1200 B.C. to 334 B.C. and were the years noted for the rising and falling of the Greek city-states. The Hellenistic period lasted from 334 to 146BC, and is most commonly known as the period of Alexander the Great. These centuries are considered by many to be the most creative and influential period in history. The Hellenistic period brought out the the best of artists, athletes, scientists and other great thinkers. .
             A major contribution of the ancient Greeks was the emergence of some of history's greatest philosophers. Three of these men - Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato, have permanently changed the way people think, believe and process the intricacies of human thought. .
             One of the greatest philosophers was Socrates (469-399BC.), a citizen of Athens, who believed that people should inquire and examine everything in life. This method was known as the Socratic Method. Socrates used his chain of questions to help lead people to think further and search of wisdom. He believed in teaching people well so they behave morally and that the truth is located within a person. He supposed that moral life brought them happiness. Socrates thought enjoying life was the most important thing, and taught his students to us rational thinking, and rational understanding to revive knowledge. His major contribution was to question the ethical conduct. Athenians found his criticism a problem to society. He later was charged with "corrupting the young," and later executed. .
             Plato (427-348 BC), a student of Socrates, wrote down the work and ideas of Socrates on paper. Plato founded the Academy and came up with a new form of literature, dialogues and speech. He composed over 20 dialogues.

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