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Ancient Societies

             Within the three ancient societies, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Rome, there are many basic similarities shared through their religions. The three ancient societies have Gods or higher being they believe in. All three based a large part of their existence towards their religion and their Gods. They also accepted religion as an influence on the way their civilizations were ruled. But, where the societies differ is within a broad topic concerning a simple question. With any civilization that has ever been thought to exist there has been death to deal with, which has brought up that one simple question; "What happens after death and is there an afterlife?" .
             Ancient Mesopotamia was made up of many different people and towns but was ultimately one civilization in the time period of _____. There civilization did believe in an afterlife, but no historical conclusion can be made as to whether it was happy or not. Which makes me wonder why people need to have a definite answer as to why it has to be happy or bad. If one examines the Mesopotamian era, you find that they were polytheistic, a belief in many gods. The fact that many of these gods has natural aspects such as earth, wind and fire, like the musical group, it shows they only made use of their gods during their existence. This gives the feeling that they probably did not think much of death and thought more about making advances in their society. Carpe Diem describes what their society might have lived by if they would have known the torn. It is also shown that religion was important while life was being endured because priests were in their own class. They were needed so much during the peoples life to pray for food, rain, weak flooding and a safe prosperous life. .
             Comparing Mesopotamia to Egypt would bring up many differences involving their religious and beliefs in the afterlife, but they tried to prepare themselves for it all their lives.

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