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            Over the past years I have drank quite a few beers, and I am proud to say that through my extensive drinking binges I have come to master the art of beer tasting. But it didn't always used to be this way. When I was in high school I used to drink for the sole purpose of getting completely wasted. I didn't care what kind of beer I was drinking or what it tasted like, all I cared about was that it got me drunk. Back then, the beers of choice were three significant brands: Mickey's, Old English, and Budweiser. All of these beers were easily accessible to high school students and what was even better was the fact that they were dirt-cheap. A forty-ounce of beer for any of these three brands would cost me a grand total of two dollars and sixty cents. For a high school student with no job this is heaven, a cheap way to get drunk and have fun. But, as the years passed, my experience with different beers grew more extensive. I began to appreciate what good beer tasted like and became sort of a beer connoisseur. I used to go to different bars tasting ales, lagers, and microbrews to see which ones I liked best. Long gone were the days of drinking bitter beer for the purpose of getting totally inebriated, and soon to come would be the period of the Beer Crusades. This was my so-called effort into trying to find the holy land of beers. I was looking for that one beer to end all other beers, and I found it in a beer called St. Pauli Girl. But, since I am a good citizen, I am going to provide a free service to all of you hopefuls out there still searching for that perfect brew. Please feel free to take full advantage of my beer knowledge to help you decide on what beer is best suited for your drinking needs.
             One of the most important aspects in comparing beers is the taste and flavor. When I was in high school taste had no importance for me. I didn't care what the beer looked like, smelled like, or even tasted like, as long as it got the job done.

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