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Singapore Airline : Analysis

             In 1991, Singapore Airline is one of big successful airline companies , in term of revenue, profit, and company's good will. .
             Well, for company analysis , I will do SWOT Analysis first, then TOWS matrix can be applied in item : 7 : Generating Alternative .
             In department services : Due to specialisation , Singapore Airline is reputed to provide an in depth service to its customer. The product features in the aircraft contribute to good service standards. Also the effort done on internal marketing in the organisation result in the staff giving out their optimum best when it comes to delivering services. Extensive use of technology in the organisation contributes to a greater extent to this particular strength of , Singapore Airline and its singapore's sales office.
             Regular Customer: The survey conducted on Singapore Airline conducted on Singapore's sales office of the airlines sales are generated by regular repeat customer. This relatively wide base of regular customers provides Singapore Airline with a steady and certain income and turnover every financial year which the management can always rely upon and reckon with.
             Central location: Singapore Airline office is situated in the heart of the country area which is easily accessible by countries from West or East, especially Singapore is a center of economic in APEC. . The easy location facilitates the foreign tourists to buy and use the service. .
             Product Strength: When considering Singapore for travel, the airlines which comes to mind is Singapore as it is the national carrier and has a best operational network within around the world. .
             There are 3 categories of product : First Class , Business Class, and Economy Class .
             Lack of staff supporting in office around the world : the staff strength is too low. During the peak office hours there could be a tremendous work pressure on the front line employees and this could reflects on one's performance.

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