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Is Getting A Degree Worth It?

            What Good Is A College Education Anyways?.
             A college education is more than just a piece of paper that says you completed another 4 years of school and it's more than a pre-requisite to any job you may wish to pursue; it is a open door to endless opportunities, armed with a load of experience.
             The experience that comes with a college education is reflected inside the lecture halls and outside. Inside a class at college you are expected to interact and to just fit in, in a diverse group of people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. This arms you with greater acceptance of the minorities to the human race and takes responsibility for you actions.
             With reference to the actual content of a liberal arts college, you are forced to take a class that have little to do with your major but broadens you awareness of the world and what is taking place around it. For example, the core class of American Government gives students a look at the way their own government system works, giving them a better awareness on what they vote on. And another example, English or Communications give students the knowledge on how to speak or prove their arguments intelligently and convincingly. .
             Outside of the classroom, you get the first experience of what it is like to be in the "real world". You are just a number to the school, to your professors even; you are merely a 9 digit student I.D and are expected to still carry out tasks for yourself that they must mark without any physical knowledge of you as a person. It is a leveling ground for race, gender and social levels which in turn, forces you to look around and realize that you are one of 6 billion in the world, but one of the lucky few that have a chance to better themselves economically, socially and psychologically.
             The psychological idea is an idea of Katharine Hansen's from "What good is a college education anyways". The way at college that you are just a number to professors gives students the chance to be an individual without it affecting their grades.

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