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Is Higher Education Worth the Price?

             Is higher education really worth the cost? No I don't think it is worth the price because successful celebrities. For example, some celebrities didn't go to college and they are doing well in life might have taken them awhile to get to where they are now but at least they made it Rachael Ray, Halle Berry, Bill Gates, Henry Ford and Michael Dell didn't go to college or they dropped out and they are very successful till this day. As soon as students leave college they are going to have to pay back their student loans. As college students, we can't save money because of the student loans. Rising tuition is making it hard for students to get out of debt. People who don't go to college or have a degree can be just as successful as those who do go.
             As soon as the students finish college, they are going to have to pay back the school, students going to be working their whole life just to pay back the school. Instead of going to college some students could be saving their money to start their own business like Michael Dell started his own computer company using his company and families loans to expand. His network is 2.3 billion. In the book "They Say I Say" on page 215, Michael Clifford never went to college he made millions of dollars from government programs. Students can also invest in something and not having to worry about loans. Some student's family members could still be paying off student loans and they can be between the ages 30-60. Some could be retired and get a disability check but since they owe loans, their check could be gone. Students don't want to be retired and still paying off school loans while you're supposed to be relaxing and enjoying your time not worrying about how you're going to pay your bills or anything else.
             Tuition charges have doubled making it harder for students to even go to college. Just because other students can afford college doesn't mean that the other students can afford to go they who can't just raise the cost of a college tuition.

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