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College - Worth the Price?

            "What are individuals and our society as a whole gaining from higher education?" This is a puzzling question for most people to answer. Of course the achievement of a degree and the careers that go along with them are key factors but Andre Hacker and Claudia Dreifus did a fantastic job of breaking up details to support how college could be more valuable in the passage, Are Colleges Worth the Price of Admissions. They give numerous steps that they think colleges should take to make themselves worth the money that they charge students. They also desire to change the way professors are paid and treated, and the way that the schools use their money overall. The main point that they are getting at is that colleges has lost touch with their main goal of educating students. This passage is directed to millions of people since there are a high number of people in college or planning to attend. This makes the passage even better since it is very helpful to that audience, it will give them a clearer insight on what they should expect from their college. .
             Throughout the passage the authors made a lot of valid points that supported their main claim. After stating each supporting claim there was a paragraph following them further detailing how that supporting claim could make college more valuable for students. All of the body paragraphs begin with an assertion then the assertion is supported in the following paragraphs. In the first body paragraph the assertion is to engage all students and in the paragraph the authors do a great job on saying exactly what needs to happen for this to be achieved. Exact words from the passage are "professors must make an effort to reach their students," this is telling one of the ways that will lead to the assertion of engaging all students. All of the following paragraphs exemplify the same type of organized structure making it easy to figure out the author's point of view of the topic.

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