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Is College Tuition Really Too High? by Adam Davidson

            In the article, "Is College Tuition Really Too High," Adam Davidson states that not only is high tuition affecting the people trying to attend, it also affects the whole economy and the rest of the nation. Adam Davidson is an award-winning publisher and co-founder of a radio show. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chicago and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in economics. .
             Adam Davidson starts his article by stating some very chilling facts about how the economy has chances since the late 20th century. Davidson mentions that public college tuition has risen nearly four times, towering over any other raising prices in the economy. He claims that "pricing dynamics ripple throughout the rest of our economy," (par. 4) determining who will succeed and who will fail in the corporate world. The government is part of the problem, giving loans to people pursuing degrees that are worth nearly nothing. Knowing that they will make money off of this, the government continues with this cycle that puts Americans into debt that increases as the days go on. A staggering 40 million students owe 1.2 trillion dollars are owed to the government, and only 70% of the people who owe money actually graduated with a Bachelor's degree. While some degrees will not help pay off student debt, others are lucky enough to secure a high-paying job. Also, even though prices have increased dramatically within the last 40 years, statistics show that this ride has only lowered the education rate in the US, comparatively speaking. Davidson notes that "In 1970, America ranked first globally in education now, America has fallen behind and is ranked 19th in the world" (par. 10). But of course, the only thing that the businesses are worried about is if they are making money. Even though these points are very influential on my tuition prices have raised, Mr. Davidson believes that the most important reason is, "Students are not just customers; they are also an integral part of the core product" (par.

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