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Reasons for High College Dropout Rates

            According to a new study from Harvard University, only 56 percent of students who enter America's college and universities graduate within 6 years. It means more than 4 in every 10 students failed to graduate within 6 years. Having an excellent educational background is an essential factor to get a better job and to work effectively. However, one of the saddest issues in today's society is the college dropout rate. In many colleges it remains absolutely high. There are diverse reasons for that matter, but they all come down to poor academic performance, financial problem, and troubles with relationships.
             Firstly, the ability to study is the main element for learning effectively. Consequently, poor academic performance is a leading reason that makes students become quitters. Plenty of students who have been accepted to the college are over-confident. They may feel that they are already satisfying students. As a result, they do not pay enough attention to their studies, which leads them to bad consequences that they were not able to imagine. Besides, a learning method in college is distinct from that in high school. Therefore, obviously, those who do not adapt to the new environment cannot achieve what they expect.
             Secondly, a tuition and many other fees are a serious problem for countless students. In theory, from grade 1 to 9 in Korea, students do not have to pay for public tuition. However, students are forced to take a tertiary education in order to grab a better job and earn more money. Such being the case, innumerable students and their families are suffering from paying educational expenses. Additionally, a college tuition is gradually increasing which worsens the situation. To pay for their education, students may need to do two or more part-time jobs. As a result, they do not have enough time for studying and relaxation. After a few months, they will not be able to keep their pace with other classmates, and perhaps their health condition will be exacerbated.

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