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Sport Programs and the School Environment

            Sports programs are a big part of school systems and school environments today. These sports programs are starting at a younger and younger age every year. By the time that students reach the high school varsity and college age, sports have become a tremendous part of the student's life. Some may say that the student-athlete has a load of being a full time student and putting in full time hours to becoming a superior athlete, so the two do not mix well. Some argue that the two are so time consuming that by doing both they take away from each other, while others believe that the two, student and athlete, really assistance one another. So who is right? Do sport programs contribute to the student-athletes education? One common argument against athletics in schools is that, athletics distracts students from academic activities and study time (Coakley 419). This is somewhat easy to agree with, without knowing the facts. Most people would think that anything that is time consuming would take away from a student studies and educational goals. Some other arguments against sports in schools are that athletics perpetuate dependence and conformity, turns most students into spectators, causes too many serious injuries to student-athletes, creates a superficial, transitory spirit subverting the educational goals of the school, and deprives educational programs of resources, facilities, staff, and community support (419). All of these arguments seem to be very legit at first glance. These arguments are all good possibilities of what could possibly happen, but the facts show that that these arguments are all incorrect statements.
             The arguments for interscholastic sports according to Coakley state that, sports programs involve students in school activities, sports increases interest in academic activities, while they also build the self-esteem, responsibility, achievement orientation, and teamwork skills required for today's occupational success, these programs are providing fitness training and stimulating interest in more physical activities amongst students, they also generate a sense of spirit and unity, and promote support for all school programs (419).

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