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             Almost everyone can agree that high school students should further there education. No matter if it is a university or community college. What if you could not afford to go to college because every year the college raises the tuition?.
             We all agree that tuition should be lowered so that it is affordable for students. Educators don't agree because it may cost a little decrease in pay or raises may come later than they should. This rise in tuition has caught the eyes of some lawmakers. US Representative Howard McKeon, R- Calif. Introduced the affordability in higher education act (Johnson). If this act is passed it would let the federal government to remove direct funding to institutions that increase tuition more that twice the inflation rate (Johnson). .
             What about students who cannot afford tuition with these increases? Rep. McKeon also stated "Our nation is grappling with a college cost crisis that is threatening to push higher educations out of reach for low and middle income student (Johnson)." These increases are taking tolls on not only the students, but the parents too they are taking on two and three jobs to help keep there son or daughter in college. .
             One example of this struggle is Shuk- Kuen is an immigrant from China who like many other students is having a hard time with the increases. Shuk says "Out of state tuition may cost $17,501 next year. This is worth about 144,847 in yuan renminbi, which can buy a nice apartment in Southern China (Chiu)." She goes on to say how she had no idea how expensive it would be since she attended a free public high school. Shuk was under the impression that a public university would be a lot less cheap than private universities. She also goes on to state "because Washington, D.C., in this instance is not a state, it doesn't really have a good public university. Therefore, I was forced to attend a local state university for better education (Chiu).

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