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Rising Tuition

            Rising tuition is an on going problem. When institutions raise fees, to me, they don't understand the problems they cause for the students of that time. When tuition rises, conflicts began to stir.
             When universities say that they are going to raise tuition, it is because they are trying to make major repairs to the school. The money that they collect from raising the tuition goes towards the building of new parking spaces, dorms, new building structures, and/or the expansion of the school for the attendance of more students. The rising of tuition brings forth a good outcome for the students. The higher tuition will enable them to learn in a better institution and stay in a place that is worth paying for. .
             The effect of rising tuition mainly affects the students, but the situation could turn around and hurt the institution as well. In the student's case, if the student or their family does not have money to accommodate the school's fees, in most cases, they don't want to go out and continuously have to borrow money to attend school. Unfortunately, all families are not capable of paying fees that are at an astronomical rate. If the attendance of students decreases, that means that the school will feel a bite in their pocket. The school will be forced to automatically raise the tuition because they have lost some of their students. If they don't raise the tuition, it would be a miracle, but the school would not be able to keep their systems functioning correctly. Some people, who get scholarships, don't mind getting loans, or have money in the bank for the high fees don't mind paying. When it comes down to families with limited funds want the education, but choose not to attend because of the price. No one wants to be in debt for the rest of his or her lives. .
             On one side, the increasing fees could lead to positive outcomes and on the other side; they can lead to the negative outcomes as well.

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