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The Social Justice Issue of Rising Tuition Fees

            Aristotle, a great philosopher, once said "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet," unaware that this fruit of education would one day be expensive. As students pass through their primary and secondary education, they are, in most cases, financially supported, making education virtually free for the current generation. However, higher-level learning has a price tag, and an expensive and rising one at that. It is this fee that discourages future scholars from continuing with their education. The rise of tuitions are most definitely a social justice issue that needs the attention and awareness of the society in order to prevent the dissuasion of furthering education.
             The rising entrance fees for post-secondary education is becoming a larger problem than the public believes it to be. As the affordability of education begins to decrease, so does the enrollment to these schools, and in the end the number of educated scholars drops. A report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives perfectly identifies the recent hike of tuition fees. For instance, their research showed that tuitions fees in 2017 will be triple than that in 1990 (Rushowy 1). This is bad news for the high school students today and worse for those in grades behind them. Furthermore, the report also contained details of how the average tuition fee could have only been $3,047 compared to current $7,459 (Rushowy 1). All of these changes exemplify the outcomes that reduced awareness and the poor efforts towards finding a suitable solution can have. Unfortunately, the result that these rising fees will have is that the children in middle and low class families will not be able to afford higher education, thus preventing their access to education and potentially deteriorating their quality of life. Such discrimination, although indirect, towards less financially stable peoples should not be tolerated in a society as sophisticated and cultured as ours.

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