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             In the past years, there has been a major rise in tuition for college bound students. This current rise in tuition is just part of a trend connected to today's poor economic status. The rise in tuition affects many people throughout the United States. With this rise many people are not able to continue their education. However without furthering their education they can not advance in today's world. The rising tuition due to the economic situation is affecting students everywhere, leaving them with very few options to go on.
             The poor performance of the economy has had a negative impact on many things, such as tax revenue and endowments. Consequently college tuitions are also being hurt by the economy's performance. Rising college tuition is not something new to many people. Tuition has been growing steadily since the late 1980's, when tuition was rising at a nine to ten percent hike. This year college tuition rose 9.6 percent, joined by a six percent rise in the cost of room and board. With these rises a student going to a four-year public college or university will pay 9,663 dollars to go to school and live on campus, which is 672 dollars more than students paid last fall. Public colleges and universities are not the only schools being affected by this hike in tuition. Four year private colleges also experienced a rise in tuition with a tuition hike of 5.8 percent. Two-year colleges are also feeling the sting of rising tuition. Two-year public schools increased their tuition by 7.9 percent, while the cost of two-year private schools increased by 7.5 percent. Students going into college in the next year should expect to see the same pattern in rising college tuition. .
             All students go to school for a common reason: to better their education, in hopes of getting a good job after finishing school. Some students are coming into college straight out of high school, while others have been out of school for a few years and have decided to come back now to further their education.

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