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Demanding Education for Less

            Since 1969 the cost of college education relative to the average household income has risen from 18 percent to an excessive 38 percent (Bernasek). Because of the rising price tag on higher education, some American families have been unable to pay for their children's education, consequently strongly affecting their children's opportunities for future success. If the United States government truly cares about the education of American citizens they must begin to assist people by making higher education more affordable. The US government needs to keep a high education budget, and has to stop wasting the American people's tax money on less important issues. With little to no government assistance, some families are financially incapable of sending their children to school, and debt for graduating students continues to increase each year. .
             In today's society jobs are increasingly requiring a college degree; because of the importance of a degree, tuition prices are rising. Going to college and earning a degree opens up numerous opportunities in one's life compared to people without a degree. People who have attended college and earned degrees in their respective fields of work are more likely to have jobs and earn a higher salary; this is because in today's continually advancing world, companies are striving to earn profit and become the best at what they do. For that to be possible, companies need to employ the most trained and knowledgeable people. With a college education a person can better themselves to become an asset to companies competing in the global economy. .
             "Forty percent of states cut higher education spending last year, the most important factor in tuition increases"(Armario). Because of the recent cut in government spending, the cost of tuition has been pushed over to the American people, and although America prides itself on education, the government is refusing to fund public universities.

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