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Value of Traditional College Education

            When you look at employment ads in many of the nations" newspapers today, there seems to be a commonality that stands out among a large proportion of the enviable positions listed: almost all prefer a degree or at least some college experience. Many of those ads that list college experience often do not even prefer it either; it is a requirement. These days, having a degree or college experience would not even be a large step-up in a business; it's almost a prerequisite to be considered for a position. With the economy in less than favorable conditions, increases in corporate scandals, layoffs are at an all time high. Also, the percentage of adults with at least a bachelor's degree has increased steadily in the last couple decades. All this results in extra competition surrounding each employment opportunity. Those with quality college educations are nearly guaranteed to get more of their foot in the door. It is for this reason, and many others, that a traditional college education is of great importance.
             One of the most important benefits of a quality education in today's society is the workplace environment it prepares one for. The transition from high school to college brings about a new sense of responsibility. While in high school, not only do students have far less academic obligations, but their parents are always there as reminders to keep them on task. This increased workload in college forces the student to either "sink or swim." Those that can meet the challenge become harder workers, more educated, and more focused on their future. Those that cannot handle the rigors of college will either have to change direction or reconsider the paths to their goals. In this way, the college experience can be described as a sort of "survival of the fittest." If a student decides to pursue a specific field of study that turns out to be too demanding, then the student clearly does not have the desire to handle job responsibilities, and college will have brought about this enlightenment.

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