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Business Management Skills and Practices

             Managers find that the skills demonstrated by the newly hired entry-level workers do not reflect the skills required for their organization's advancement. In addition to the limited working skills for changing working environments, entry-level workers represent different generations, cultures, and background expertise that create working challenges for management. In a work environment in which rapidly changing technological advancements create an increasingly complex business culture, entry-level workers need to have skills in communication competence, for example, that will advance the organization with a clear understanding of the vision and goal expectations. The concept of Business Management comprises of several topics that work under the Business Environment. There is no single topic that can be categorized under the heading of Business Management. Therefore, a detailed discussion will be carried out related to Business Management in the topic. .
             Scholars and practitioners agree that a link exists between communication competence and business effectiveness. Managers may find it difficult to communicate with one of the four generations of diverse workers, known as generational workers, because a worker from one generation may not understand what a worker from another generation means when communicating. When communicating with generations of workers, leaders may have to rely on the type of leadership styles that work best for them. In adapting to a multigenerational workforce, leaders have had to learn about the complexity of communication and to the green initiatives for organizational sustainability (Gitman & Zutter, 2011). The gap between university academic requirements for business graduates and skills that hiring organization managers prefer may be explained by academic themes that involve (a) problem solving, (b) conflict resolution, and (c) communication. Problem solving requires wisdom in the management decision-making process.

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