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The Future Of Business Management

            All types of organizations in the past have taken huge strides towards more effective management and leadership. Business has evolved from tackling the simplest task to engineering complicated assembly lines. When a firm formulates its business plan, it is essential that the plan is flexible and adaptable to the changes and growth that is inevitable in the future. When the growth is controlled, it can lead to financial success, however when it is not controlled, it can lead to financial failure (www.sba.gov). The business plan must be used as a motivational tool to give employees in the organization goals and direction in order to keep the rate of growth running smoothly and keep the four functions of management, planning, leading, organizing and controlling in line with the goals of the organization. Businesses must determine what the future holds, and effectively develop the tasks and employees to complete those tasks (Dessler, 2001. Section 1). .
             The future of business lies in automation. With the advance of the Internet and e-business, it is essential for all organizations to plan for the future of business in the technological world. Due to recent advances, no business could run efficiently without the help of a computer, however the trend is now changing from a single computer system to complicated computer network systems in today's offices. Further, most offices boast copiers, fax machines, and several computer stations with modems and high-tech equipment to keep the flow of information running smoothly. Voice mail has replaced the old answering machine and "call waiting" in the workplace.
             Technological advances allow businesses to run more smoothly and efficiently by keeping records safe and easily accessible. Technology is already present in the workplace, however it will be much more abundant and necessary in the near future. Disks holding scanned copies of documents will eventually replace the space needed for file cabinets.

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