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High School to College

            Over this past month the transition from high school to college has been very difficult, especially since I hardly had anything to do in my senior year. The first problem that was introduced was me meeting new people and trying to make friends, next was the challenge of getting out of my bed and finally staying consistent and focused on my work.
             When you"re a senior in high school you've been in the school for a while and you know most of the people in your school, but in college you hardly know anyone and that superior feeling ends quick. I've noticed the first couple of days you"d be quiet and have no one to talk to but soon you"ll have to talk to someone or someone will talk to you. Hopefully that will start a chain reaction.
             In high school, getting out of my bed was a big problem. I could sleep forever. You were forced in away to get up because your teacher would call and find out why you weren't in school. In college it's totally different, if you don't come to school no one is going to call your house and find out where you were, they honestly don't care it's your loss, your paying for it. So I have to fight the temptation of sleeping move and get up.
             Finally in high school you didn't have to work that hard because playing catch- up was easy and teachers were lenient about making up work. In college you have to stay focused and consistent because if you fall behind sometimes there might not be away to catch-up.
             In conclusion the transition from high school life to college life could be very difficult, but you just have to get use to it because they say it's the "best years of our lives". .

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