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Differences between college & high school

            The Differences and Similarities of College and High School.
             The transition from high school to college, while pleasurable and exciting, can also be very challenging, for the simple fact that college is a lot different than high school. This change is a huge step that a student will either adjust to or struggle with. The more prepared a person is to face the differences, the more successful they might be in the long run. High school students might know that there are differences between high school and college, but sometimes what they think is not how it is. High School can be considered as a continuation of elementary and middle school where one learns trigonometry, physics, American history, etc. College on the other hand, prepares a person to develop an understanding to get a job in a certain career. In college, you come and go as you please. The many different choices you make and the repercussions of those decisions will be yours and yours alone because you are now an adult in college. College is very different than high school just by the personal freedoms, the classroom and the social life.
             Personal freedom is a very important thing people like to have. Everyone likes to be able to do what they want, whenever they want. When you are living away from home, you are faced with a great deal of independence that you do not have in high school. In high school and college, you have your personal freedoms, but you tend to have more freedom in college than in high school. In college, you manage your own time. No one is there to tell you what needs to be done. You arrange your own class schedule to what you want it to be like. In high school, you are in school for about six hours a day in class, which totals up to about thirty hours a week. In college, you tend to spend an average of twelve to fifteen hours a week in classes. Also in high school, most of your classes are arranged for you. For example, you can pick whether you want to take regular English or Honors English.

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