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Differences Between High Schoo

            Education is very important in our life. In order to be successful in life, one must completes his/her education, which is completing high school and college. High school and college are one process to success that being divided into two parts, because there are differences in them involving with schedule, expenses, and academic level.
             The school's staff preset all schedules for high school students. Classes, subjects, lunch, and bells between classes are all being set and students just follow the assigned schedule. Preset schedule does not gives students much freedom of having their own time at school, but it does a better job in regulating them, because high school students are not old enough to manage their own schedule. They are teenagers and they can still count on their parents and teachers to help and guide them in setting their priorities. For college students, it is their own responsibility for their schedule. College students have self control over managing time for their classes, and when picking classes they need to know what subject is needed for their major and what are the requirements for each class in order to take it. Many college students have to work along their schooling, so they have to arrange time to work, study, and time for class meetings. Therefore college students are more independent and having much more freedom in choosing their own schedule. After all, they are young adult.
             High school is mandatory and free (unless you choose other options). Textbooks are issue by the school at the beginning of the semester, and will be picking up before the semester ends. Tuition, lunch, transportation are also free. College is voluntary, so it can be a very expensive process. For some universities it would cost thousands of dollars per semester. For a college student to attend a class he/she has to pay for tuition and buy the textbooks require for that specific class. He/she has to have a car as the transportation.

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