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High School and College Life - The Differences

            Often, after high school comes college, and young people who have just undergone the transition from one to the other realize how different both lives are in spite their seeming similarities. Some find it easy to shift from high school to college, adjusting to all aspects of their new life. However, others struggle to face the changes and may even find them disappointing or depressing. The point is that, college life is far different to high school life although certain things about both remain the same.
             High school is a "free" education, but college is not free and can be expensive. High school is mandatory so that every citizen in the country has to attend it, whether you like it or not. Society does not approve of young people who do not go to high school. High school dropout is not a good thing to be. Many, however, do not bother going to college, and it is okay. There are those who cannot afford it. Others feel that they are contented without a college degree. Success in life does not depend on a college diploma, but there are better opportunities for people who complete college than those who do not complete college. There are many success stories of high school graduates who do well in certain careers and endeavors in spite of not having a college degree.
             High school means everybody knows you and your life history. College means an opportunity to start from scratch, reinvent yourself, and be cooler than you were in high school. You usually go to a local high school. There is no chance to be somebody other than how they knew you from before. If you are unlucky to have gotten a bad reputation, figured in an embarrassing incident, or been called a funny nickname, it tends to stick throughout the rest of your high school life. However, in college students come from different parts of the state or country, especially if you get into a university. This means everyone is given the chance to repackage their personalities and find new friends.

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