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College is a Great Part of Becoming an Adult

             Personal Statement.
             College is the first step in becoming an adult. For the first time, I will be on my own. My "real" life and career will begin. Attending St.Peters will bring me closer to where I want to be. St.Peters will put me on the right path to; fulfill my dream of finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease one day, and also to help me become an independent strong successful woman.
             An education at St.Peters will expand my mind and help me to find out more about Alzheimer's disease. My great grandmother has the disease. My great grand mother has been a great role model for who I am. She molds and keeps my family strong, confident and together. She is the backbone, and ever since she contracted this horrible disease, my family has not been the same. My parents' are worried. I am worried. .
             In order to be with her, we have to go to Cabrini Hospital. I remember the way to the hospital. Riding on the Path with my mom, dad, and brother, I wonder how much time my great grandmother has left. Will she die tomorrow? My stomach turns; my nerves are shot because I'm scared. I don't want my great grandmother to die. She has advised me and comforted me so much. My parents' worry is painted over their face, but they don't want to show their pain to keep me calm. It hurts so much to know that my "abueltia" has Alzheimer's disease unfortunately, it is our reality.
             As I walk through the hospital doors, I see people in their beds helpless with respirators helping them breathe. I hear the screams of pain from women and men. I try to walk fast to get away from it all because I feel like I am going crazy, like if I am absorbing all their pain. Therefore, I run away. As we approach room 230, I see my great grandmother in her hospital bed. Her eyes are barely open. I walk in front of her and say," Bendicion, Abuelita" she looks at me and asks my grandmother, " Who is she? ", She does not know who I am.

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