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Cat in the Cradle

             The theme of the song represents four stages of life. The stages are birth, childhood, college and then becoming a man. A baby is born into the world with a whole new life around him. Things look shiny and new with happiness all around. There are no cares or concerns in a newborns world. The dad is working to give his son a great life, which I feel is symbolized by the silver spoon.
             As a young child of ten years old he is given a ball for a gift. The ball is for fun and play. Unfortunately, the dad does not have time to play and the gift is not exciting without a father. Meanwhile, the boy is totally in love with his dad, and wants to be just like him. I think he feels his dad is like a hero. To me a hero is a role model. Somebody to look up to, respect and learn what the true meaning of life is. The boy in the song was alone. The dad just did not realize the time he was losing with his child.
             Next, the boy is a young adult in college. Suddenly, he does not have time for his dad. He wants to go for a drive. He is becoming his own person and a man of his own. The dad would like to sit for a while and talk about life, but it is too late. This is where the symbolic meaning of the cat comes into play, an animal that lives on their terms. They are in their own world and do not care about anything, but themselves.
             The boy now a full grown man with a family of his own has problems. He has become his father, whether it was intended or just a consequence of his upbringing. It seems like a new generation of the same old ways and lifestyles. The man on the moon is by himself and alone in his own world like the dad and son. When you hear the saying we "reap what we sow," I feel like the song is a perfect example of the family in the song . .
             The dad never had time for his son, he was to busy with work and life. The son then grew up to be just like his dad, and will probably carry on the same cyle of neglect.

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