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Cat's Cradle

            Thesis: Cat's Cradle is a story about how mankind use there own technology to destroy them self.
             Kurt Vonnegut's: "The Cat's Cradle" to me I think is a good book to read but also it is very confusing to read. This book is mainly about religion, science, and the end of the world also many aspects of human life. Kurt Vonnegut one's said that the reasons he writes is to "poison the minds with humanity to encourage them to make a better world.".
             In the novel of Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut's have examines many aspects and one of those aspects is "Science". Kurt Vonnegut seems to be very interested in science and technology at the times he wrote the Cat's Cradle. So he put his interested in the life of Dr. Felix Hoenikker. In this story Dr. Hoenikker is better known as the father of the atomic bomb and the creator of ice-nine. Vonnegut tries not to make a comparison between the atomic bomb and ice-nine. He tries to make the two things different from each other. He does that by making the atomic bomb a weapon of mass destruction. And giving the fact that the bomb was built by the US and dropped on the Japan city of Hiroshima. And Kurt Vonnegut seems to be more interested in the work and theories of Dr. Hoenikker than the bomb itself. Vonnegut tries to give the information of Dr. Hoenikker by John interviewing his children and co-workers. As I just say earlier ice-nine and the Atomic bomb is two different thing but also they both still have something in common. Like A-bomb this is a weapon is design for the army, but it's not create for "evil" purpose, because Kurt Vonnegut have state different ways that ice-nine was used to get what others *-(the children of Dr. Hoenikker) wanted. For Angela Hoenikker, she wants to use ice-nine to get her husband, (a technology worker), to marry her. For Newt Hoenikker he wants to use the formula to get a girlfriend, who turned out to be a Russian spy. For Frank Hoenikker who also wants to used the formula to become the next ruler of San Lorenzo.

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