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Changing Perspectivies

            Changing perspectives is an on going process throughout everyone's live. People's perspectives may change due to an event they experienced gradually over time such as maturity, or an event they experienced suddenly such as migrating to a new country. A person's perspective is based upon their background, previous experiences and culture. The concept of change in this sense is portrayed through the prescribed text Feliks Skrzynecki, Migrant hostel, and 10 Mary St composed by Peter Skrzynecki, the stimulus booklet Text 1 "The Door" by Miroslav Holub, also the song "Cats in the Cradle" by Harry Chaplin and the novel The Poisonwood bible composed by Barbra Kingsolver. The changing of perspectives becomes evident throughout these texts by means of structure and language devices.
             Sometimes throughout our lives the need for change is necessary and the text, which shows that change is needed, is Miroslav Holub's "The Door". The poem uses a metaphorical idea of a person inside a room with a closed door, with the speaker trying to convince them to open the door, to make a change. The tone used in the first phrase of the first four stanzas is commanding telling who ever is in the room to "go and open the door". As the poem progresses the tone of each stanza slowly goes from being optimistic to desperate. The responder sees this change from there possibly being "a magic city" to there possibly being "just a hollow wind, or maybe nothing". By opening the door individuals choose to change, to enter a new state of being, consider new things and alter their present existence or thinking, as they are exposed to change, because what lies beyond that door is different for everybody. The phrase that emphasizes the need for change is in the last stanza when a final desperate plea to the person is made, because even if no significant change occurring, "At least there"ll be a draught." The final stanza reinforces the idea that change can be positive and that noting should ever stay the same.

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