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Climate Change and Global Warming

            Over the course of history, the Earth has undoubtedly heated and cooled naturally without the assistance of human activity. Although there is a natural cycle, the pattern is being altered due to effects of harsh chemicals exposed to the atmosphere beginning in the Industrial Revolution. Science has repeatedly proven the existence of global warming, however the battle to convince the public is no longer scientific. Due to the political activism of Republicans attempting to exploit false ideology or feign ignorance over the presence of climate change, it is impossible to convince the global population of the imminent threat. .
             The notion of climate change has accumulated support in recent years, but the presence of temperature heating beyond the normal cycle has been present since the time of the Industrial Revolution and only gained the political aspect years later. However, it was not until the 1950s when scientific findings first came to light. Until the situation reached such drastic levels that it was impossible to avoid any longer, the concept was paid no heed. In 1957, renowned oceanographer Robert Revelle was among those to first study global warming. He concluded that, ".most of the CO2 released by artificial fuel combustion since the beginning of the industrial revolution must have been absorbed by the oceans. The increase of atmospheric CO2 from this cause is at present small but may become significant during future decades." (Revelle). Nearly ten years later, Lydon B. Johnson became one of the first presidents to discuss the issue. In November 1956, he compiled a report from scientists, physicians, and engineers about the presence of global warming. The contents of the report detailed ways in which to deal with the inevitable consequence of production by regulating waste management and what particulates are burned into the atmosphere. Johnson concluded that, "This generation has altered the composition of the atmosphere on a global scale through.

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