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The Time Scale of Global Warming

            Elizabeth Kolbert once said, "Global warming is all about scale" While it would be ideal to solve today's rising climate change problems expediently, there are many factors in society that instead prevent us from implementing positive solutions in the environment. When you look at climate change on a global or geographic scale, it is difficult to pinpoint one country, region, continent, or even hemisphere as the main source of conflict. Collectively, our global society has contributed to global warming, each in our own rights. Furthermore, when you look at climate change through the scale of time, it can be difficult to recognize the serious changes developing in our everyday lives. Due to time scale, climate change is usually never considered a priority in a person's life because they cannot tangibly experience it in their lifetime. The challenges produced by both geographic and time scale in the search for a feasible solution to stop climate change illustrates the influential power of scale in the world. .
             Logistically, it will be a huge challenge to overcome the conflicts faced when trying to balance the environment with human endeavors. Regardless of any human activities, Mother Nature will continue to run on its uninterrupted, systematic clock. Humans, on the other hand, work on a completely schedule. Due to the rapidly progressing technological advancements of the human race, time, as established by the environment, is completely disregarded by humans. This lack of unity between nature and man is a great cause of friction in the stages of development of a solution to global warming. The environment has taken "the whole span of earthly time" to balance itself it out, and yet, humans in a much smaller time scale have drastically altered the environment due to selfish pursuits (Carson p.5). It is difficult for us to see the effects of global warming on a day-to-day basis.

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